Your data: Data Protection, GDPR and Fair Processing Notice

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Data Protection: The data protection act of 1998 was introduced to set in law the rules that govern the way that personal information was used and stored. All GP practices have been required to be compliant with this act and others, which form the basis of our Information Governance training for all staff.   

GDPR: On 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation updates the previous act and becomes Law. This law has been introduced to give greater transparency on how and why your personal data, which has increased considerably over that time is stored used and shared.

Fair Processing Notice: Personal data is shared with information governance-compliant organisations to search and identify individuals entitled to health care in the community, recommended by NHSE, but not provided by practices.

Part of the law requires that we publish a Privacy notice explaining key pieces of information, please select the link below to view ours.