Patient Responsibilities

In order for us to provide a good service we also require patients to act responsibly by following the procedures below:

  • Remember to keep your appointment. If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible, failure to do so will result in a warning letter being issued.
  • Repeated Non Attendance will not only result in your removal, but also the removal of any family or anyone else registered at that address.
  • If more than one person needs to be seen, make a separate appointment for each person.
  • Please remember that a prescription is not always necessary with every consultation. Your doctor will advise you accordingly.
  • Please request out of hours home visits for emergencies only and routine home visits for those who are too ill to come to the surgery.
  • Please be patient with the staff. They are doing their best and are only following the doctor”s instructions.
  • Don”t abuse the doctors or staff, either physically or verbally.
  • Look after your own health. Exercise regularly, eat healthily, drink moderately and don’t smoke. Ask the doctors or practice nurses for advice.